Henri-Dunant-Strasse Thun

Henri-Dunant-Strasse 9, 3600 Thun

Project type

New building


Henri-Dunant-Strasse 9, 3600 Thun


Rental flats

Start of construction

December 2023

First occupancy

Spring / Summer 2025



Number of residential units

6 apartments

Types of flats

4 x 2.5 / 1 x 3.5 / 1 x 4.5-room apartments

Apartment building near the city

A charming six-family house rises up in the middle of an urban neighborhood. This architectural gem combines the amenities of urban living with the tranquillity of an inviting retreat. Four 2.5-room apartments, a 3.5-room penthouse apartment in the rental area and a condominium on the first floor are being built. The apartments offer a comfortable home that blends harmoniously into the urban fabric. The architecture of the building is characterized by a modern design that combines aesthetics and functionality. The building's façade features clean lines and subtle colors that blend seamlessly into the surroundings while exuding timeless charm.

The apartment building is currently under construction. The demolition work was completed at the end of 2023. If you are interested in moving into the rental apartments for the first time, you can contact us directly from the start of letting (expected in fall 2024).


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Building plot

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The Westquartier in Thun combines historical charm with modern life. Originally characterized by historic buildings, it has undergone careful modernization over time. Historic buildings and local stores contribute to the unique atmosphere. Today, the Westquartier is a lively district that offers residents and visitors a fascinating mix of history and modernity. Welcome to a district that preserves its rich past while looking to a promising future.


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