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Warranty claims according to SIA 118

The work contracts for the construction of our residential buildings are based on the provisions of SIA 118.

  • 2 years: During the first two years, reports of defects can be made at any time. This is a collective period and the buyer is not obliged to report defects immediately during these two years, unless consequential damage occurs (otherwise duty to mitigate damage).  The right to notify previously discovered defects expires after the two-year period.
  • Further 3 years: After expiry of the two-year period, liability for hidden defects shall commence for a further three years. Notification of a discovered defect must be made to the contractor without delay.
  • For fraudulently concealed defects, the liability for defects shall be 10 years.

Buyers' requests for Hauenstein Immobilien AG

In new construction projects, the entire development is planned with standard features (incl. various selection options) according to building site specifications. Changes by the buyer (deviations from the standard plan) are negotiated bilaterally between the buyer and the contractor. Services not purchased will be compensated through reduced pricing, additional costs will be invoiced directly by the contractors. (if possible).

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